My Sound

I start making music when I was 6 years old. We had a piano at home. My dad gave me this big, old reel to reel tape recorder and a little microphone that came together with it. I start recording what I was playing. Occasionally I would ask my brother or my friends to play some homemade percussion. I would record day after day, until I had the tape full. I would paint some kind of artwork, and would consider I have an album. I would listen to it for about a week and then I would start another one. This is the kind of approach I am having to this day. It’s just the tools that I use have changed. I do like the Do It Yourself approach, where I make music for myself.

Since my early days I was involved in a lot of different projects, couple of bands. When I was around 15, I decided to go solo, and that’s when the IJO thing came in. I didn’t set out too many goals other then be versatile in what I do and express myself through different sounds, different ways and different genres. I love music and I can’t do just one thing forever. It has to be everything.
My very first album came out in 2003 which was kind of a droney dark ambient, followed by the jazzy, melodic EP. After that I have released a lot of experimental electronic music, ranging from some heavy and complicated sounds to some easy listening. It’s what I like to do. I make music for myself first and foremost. And I am still trying to express myself through all these different ways and I hope people can relate to my music.

My inspiration comes from my day to day life, from relationships… Sometimes I am inspired to make music while listening to some other music. I do feel inspired by just listening to my own stuff too. Also the gear that I am using and the environment where I make music is very inspiring. The fact that I have my studio set up in the bedroom plays a big role. I could not work as easily and creatively if I had my studio set up somewhere else. If I had to travel somewhere just to make music – it would feel like having a job, and this isn’t something I want to feel while making music. It’s very comfortable when I can make music whenever I want. I can take a break; I can have a tea or whatever.

When I perform, it usually is a live performance of my own stuff. My live sets are different each time. There are never two same sets. I might play same tracks from time to time, but each time they would be presented differently. It also depends on what kind of gig am I playing at: sometimes my sets are very eclectic, for instance – in a festival I could start very slow and keep going faster and heavier. If it’s just a rave party – I can be straight forward and play some of my jungle material.

It just so happen that I am very experimental. Ordinary music is a little boring to me. It’s who I am. And I always try to show what I can do, inspire other people, surprise them. Not always deliver what I am expected to. I am pretty spontaneous both in music and life. My music is my mirror, it shows of who I am.

Much Love,

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