How I Made My Album “Homesense”

I’d like to share a little insight on how I made my Homesense album that was released in 2014 on my own Blikmuzik label as a limited edition cassette + digital download.

I would like to point out that even though I praise analog hardware so much, I still use computers from time to time.  There are things that can’t be done with hardware alone.

For this album I used Propellerheads Reason 5 and a cassette tape. Most of the tracks I did were not written in a traditional linear way like most of us used to. Instead I have created a little groove of 4 – 8 bars with everything playing simultaneously. I then used my midi controller to control various parameters of the program, like mixer faders, synth filters and effects in real time. This allowed me to have a jam (a live performance) without looking at the computer, something that I would do when using an analog mixing desk.  I recorded everything life in to a cassette tape and captured my life performance in real time. The reason for cassette tape mixdown is simple: I don’t like plain crystal clear sound of digital, especially Reason. Cassette tape gives a little lo-fi sound, making everything sound natural to me, the bass becomes round and hi frequencies gets cut smoothly and become more pleasant.  I then bounce it all from tape back to computer. If my jam is too long, I edit it to a more sensible length. Then I used iZotope RX3 Denoiser to remove the hiss from the tape while still leaving the analog character of a tape. And then I sent it off to mastering.  That’s pretty much it.

Hope you find it interesting and the information is useful to you.

Tell me if you like this kind of “tutorial videos”, do you want me to get more technical in my future blogs / videos? Any particular topics to cover?

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In Just Out - Homesense

In Just Out - Homesense

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